About Us

About Us

Welcome to Sharda Vidya Mandir Inter College

Sharda Vidya Mandir Inter College was founded in 1983 to impart quality education to aspirants. The curriculum of the institution is structured in such a way that it imparts and develops capacities latent in human nature and to coordinate their expression for the enrichment and progress of society, by equipping children with spiritual, moral and material knowledge.

The founder of the institution Shri Samarjeet Mishra Ji firmly believes it is possible to achieve an essential harmony between faith and reason through an approach to education that encourages the free investigation of all reality and trains the mind to recognise truth, irrespective of its origin.


Sharda Vidya Mandir Inter College

  • Popular- all time favourite of children due to enormity of Toys – Indoor & Outdoor
  • Safe , Hygienic & Children friendly environment
  • Low child teachers ratio – 15:1 . Trained, experienced, friendly & Caring Teachers
  • Universal appeal – Easily affordable, Flexibility of payments to suit all pockets, Attractive ambience
  • Neighborhood Concept– Conveniently located at a walking distance
  • Stage exposure
  • Generator facility is available for providing Quality Education
  • Unique curriculum – Age appropriate & Child centric curriculum for over all development of each child in line with his physical growth
  • Unique curriculum Tracker – Systematic approach to track the progress of child development individually & day by Day
  • Pre-schooling for masses – Economic pricing
  • Researched and Age appropriate Curriculum
  • Creative play-way methods
  • Library
  • Technology enabled class rooms
  • Excursions / picnic
  • Unique Audio Visual Classroom
  • Interview Preparation for Formal School
  • Regular health check-up & Dental Check-up
  • Regular counselling for parents
  • Celebrations(B’days/festivals)
  • Children’s photograph book. Educated maids (Ayas)
  • Transport facility
  • Pure drinking water
Our Vision


Sharda Vidya Mandir Inter College has been established at Machhariya, Kali Mathiya, Yashoda Nagar, Kanpur by Shri Samarjeet Mishra Ji. Sharda Vidya Mandir Inter College has emerged as a reputed institution focusing on continous improvement of it’s infrastructure , quality education and overall growth of students.

We the house of Sharda Vidya Mandir Inter College believe to give the students best environment to live and to be life long learners by developing their skills as academic achievers , progressive thinkers , effective communicators and empowered citizens to face the challenges of the 21st century.

Our Aims & Objectives

Aims & Objectives

Keeping the true meaning of education , Sharda Vidya Mandir Inter College, Machhariya, Kali Mathiya, Yashoda Nagar, Kanpur is imparting quality education to students, providing the best infrastructure, state of the art facilities needed by the young students to meet the challenges of the new millennium.


Our Founder

Mr. Samarjeet Mishra Founder/Manager

Teacher is considered as a Guru not an employee. Our educators are dedicated to inspire the children to achieve the very highest standards in their entire endeavor as they progress in their educational journey with us. If the child works hard today, he can enjoy tomorrow. It is a team work to bring the child up where the school puts maximum contribution and the remaining being given by the parents and in total if we give our 100% then the child comes up percent by percent. Indian family traditions are a way of life in our school. The success of our School relies upon the teamwork, motivation, and collaboration of students, staff and the parents.

However, in today's highly competitive world there is a great stress on achievement, perfection and high performance. In this process of reaching such high goals, the children are pressurized by both parents and teachers. This leads to frustrations, uncertainties and unhappiness. We feel it is more important to let a child develop naturally at its own pace and not nurture unrealistic aspirations. Major part of a child's tender life gets spent in the school. And as parents, we see our own vision taking shape through our children. Through partnerships with parents, we strive to make every academic dream a reality.